What Is Consumer-Centric Marketing?

Mobile is Lifestyle Behavior Marketing. At home, work or play mobile is always front & center to your customers.

The growth of mobile usage continues to change consumer behavior and market expectations. Mobile devices have been instrumental to the growth of Local Search, Social Media and mobile based E-commerce or M-commerce.


It's important to note the driving force for the increase in the local search market is due almost entirely to the increase in the number of mobile hand-held devices searching for nearby establishments and businesses. Going mobile means presenting Consumer-Centric search results that provide immediate, intimate, solutions mobile customers are expecting.


Anticipating customer expectations has never been more demanding; therefore, it’s imperative that small business owners embrace new tactics for building lifelong customer relationships. Social sharing has become the new sales! By having ready-to-share content coupled with a responsive, elegant website and pertinent offers your customers can easily and eagerly share will dramatically increase local awareness for your business.


The right information can transform the mobile customer experience. Despite all the talk about personalization and one-to-one messaging, very few organizations today are doing it well. That’s because businesses don’t have access to holistic data and oftentimes when they do, they don’t have a way to activate it in individually personalized outbound and inbound communications.


While mobile now leads local search inquiries it is imperative to maintain your audience, market and revenue share in the 'traditional' PC platform while capturing market share and monetizing emerging mobile platforms. Doing so will require businesses to get even smarter to do online marketing seamlessly across all platforms: PC's, smart phones, tablets...and now mobile 'wearable' devices.

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