Trends in E-Commerce Marketing

Mobile marketing can increase daily sales & energize repeat customer sales.

Full market forecasts from a new report point out some key trends in tracking consumer behavior and outlining strategies for product retailers and service providers. Here are some off the key points from the report:

  • Mobile commerce growth is explosive. Purchases made using a smartphone or tablet rose 48% (YoY) in the second quarter 2014 to about $8 billion. That's three times faster than desktop based e-commerce and the fastest climb in mobile commerce spending since first quarter 2012.
  • The influence of online channel extends to offline sales. The majority of all consumer purchases are either influenced by online research or actually occur online.
  • Traditional retailers are succeeding in E-Commerce. E-commerce sales for large retailers (Nordstrom, Gap, Walmart, Best Buy) stabilized at a growth rate of 22%. That means those retailers are actually growing faster than the general e-commerce industry at-large. That's good news for campaigns and promotions by smaller local mobile business efforts.
  • Mobile is allowing traditional brick and mortar retailers a new opportunity. Using smart phones and tablets as shopping devices is a relatively new trend and long time legacy retailers are just now catching up to the original e-commerce giants. For example, Target's audience is more Mobile-Centric now than even Amazon's. This means even solo small business owners can be competitive on a level playing field.
  • The relationship and interactions that consumers have with retail across different touch points will culminate in a purchase; with up-sells being a major contributor.


Mobile commerce isn't changing human behavior; but when done correctly will enhance the relationship transaction and delivery substantial market leverage for both large and small retailers.


Having a 'mobile-first' intention will systematically & systemically make your business more competitive

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