Mobile Marketing’s Unique Benefits : INTIMACY

Mobile has dramatically changed the way consumers interact across all industries--it is a profoundly more intimate exchange. In the age of hyper-personalized media, consumers will define for themselves the way they'll allow brands to interact and engage with them.
Having a Mobile Optimized Website for your brand has become the Holy Grail of one-to-one marketing but only if you allow consumers to keep control of when, where and how and on what device they receive your marketing messages.
In a world where our phones are within arm's reach 24 hours a day and with up to a third of online shopping taking place via mobile devices this year; a proactive mobile engagement strategy is not an option--it's a critical part of your overall business strategy.
If marketers are the architects designing the ultimate consumer experience; then consumers should have the final say in what they will give their valuable time and attention to. Your business needs to deliver highly relevant offerings that make the most of mobile's unique intimate benefits.
To succeed in today's digital world your business needs to nurture a more intimate, focused, consumer centric relationship with your clients and customers. Mobile marketing is the perfect medium to achieve that vaunted status.
The vast majority of smart phone users want a fast, easy to navigate, user friendly experience. So if you want your business website to be welcomed with open arms you need to offer exactly what customers want, precisely when they want it---that is, a quick way to find your location, an easy way to call or connect with your business and a well conceived relevant offer that engages them to take immediate action.
You need to reward your customers by offering up a Mobile Optimized Website that entertains and engages customers by giving them exactly what they're searching for--YOU!
Mobile is personal--there are more mobile devices connected to the internet than there are people on Earth. Mobile Marketing is NOT a sales business, Mobile is a relationship business!

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