Mobile Marketing’s Unique Benefits : IMMEDIACY

Receiving notifications on your smart phone is no longer just about breaking news, weather or traffic alerts.

Mobile marketing can also be integrated by local businesses for many different purposes, such as customer service alerts, appointment reminders, new content availability notices, relevant and requested offers, and specific geographic location information.

More specifically, businesses should start using mobile as a new direct marketing tool to personally benefit their customers and expand their own marketing goals.

Because mobile marketing is a new direct-to-consumer tactic presented on people's most intimate devices, they can be perceived as helpful when they deliver personally relevant messages that take into account the user's situations, preferences and context, or they can be perceived as intrusive, dysfunctional and uninteresting. And that's bad for business!

By offering a mobile user a desktop version of your website without considering the intent and mentality of your mobile audience will have customers leaving you in droves, never to return again.

The simple solution is to offer your mobile audience exactly what they want--precise, relevant information they can use on-the-go, immediately!

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